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My like bike is SABAMBA

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My Like Bike from Sabamba

The LIKE BIKE from Sabamba is a unique toy vehicle for children between the ages of two and five. Riding a LIKE BIKE is incredible fun for kids! At the same time, it's highly beneficial for the development of their motor skills and sense of balance. Mastering how to ride a LIKE BIKE will give your child a huge boost in confidence.

  1. As early as two years old, children can fulfill their urge to be active with this walking bike and have their first experience of riding on two wheels. A LIKE BIKE has no pedals. When first trying to ride, kids play with their LIKE BIKE as they would with a hobbyhorse. They become familiar with the saddle first, carefully sitting on it. Soon they start to walk with it, then run. In no time the little rider becomes more confident and by pushing off, picks up speed. If the bike starts to tip, kids instinctively regain their balance with their feet.
  2. This encouraging sense of achievement helps them to use the bike with confidence and become experts within a few days. As we've seen with our own son, the most important thing gained from these first attempts will be your child's feeling of independence.
  3. Later, when it comes time to move on to a ?real? pedal-powered bike, your child will adapt without hesitation. Their already developed sense of balance makes training wheels unnecessary. The LIKE BIKE is also suitable for children that need to be encouraged in their motor development.
  4. Children and parents alike adore LIKE BIKE's simple, beautiful design. It's made of birch wood, stainless steel, rubber and felt. No plastic- guaranteed!
  5. The LIKEBIKE has been nominated for several design prizes .
  6. Prize, a French award for excellence in toy idea.
  7. Like other wooden toys, the LIKE BIKE is very sturdy. Built to last, it can easily be passed down to a younger sibling. And, of course, the fond memories of a child's LIKE BIKE will last for years as well
  8. The LIKEBIKE was designed with a keen eye to your child's safety, so you won't find any sharp edges on it. The gap between the frame and the fork, moreover, is filled with felt, so your child's fingers can't get pinched there either. The felt also prevents the front wheel from making sharp turns, a common cause for mishaps with young riders of regular bikes.
  9. The LIKEBIKE can be used indoors and out. With its inflated tires, it's highly versatile. It's the perfect companion for trips off the beaten track, making rough and bumpy paths comfortable for the rider?a kind of all-terrain bike for tikes with lots of go! A rear-wheel mudguard holds off the dirt. On city sidewalks, the LIKE BIKE is a real head-turner. And because kids find riding LIKE BIKE so much fun, running errands with your child or making it in time for preschool suddenly becomes a real possibility.

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Orginal Bike from Sabamba
Orginal Bike from Sabamba

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